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Dubai visa from india for job




Visa from india for jobThis question also comes in the mind of many people that how many days of Dubai is spent. So I’ll tell you.

There are 3 types of Visa.

  1. Tourist Visa.
  2. Employment Visa.
  3. Business Visa.

Tourist Visa is such a visa in which you can go to Dubai but you cannot do any job by going there. In this visa, you can enjoy roaming only in Dubai and you can also visit Dubai for a full 3 months.

Employment visa In this type of visa, you can roam in Dubai and do a job. There is no restriction in this. This visa is given by a company in which the company is responsive. In this visa, you can do a job in Dubai, but the same company that has given you the visa. If you do any work through it, then it is considered illegal.


Business Visa This is such a visa that if you want to come to Dubai and do any kind of business, then you can take this visa. No company is responsive in this visa. You yourself are responsible for this visa.

Friends, there are more visas, but in this topic, I have told only 3 types.

Search for job  in Dubai



You can be offered a job in Dubai while you are in India or visiting Dubai on a tourist visa. The employer must send you proof of the job offer before you can submit your documents. In terms of getting a job on a tourist visa, some airlines like Air Arabia offer you a facility called ‘Visa Run’ wherein they take you to a neighboring country like Oman while your Dubai work visa can be processed.


job offer  your documents


After getting the job offer, the next step is to submit all the required documents for Dubai work visa for Indians. Documents must be valid and not expired. You will need to submit these documents to your employer in Dubai who will then apply for your work permit.


Work permit for employer


Your employer in Dubai will submit your application along with your documents to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates (MoHRE). After verification, the ministry will issue Dubai work visa or work permit which will be valid for 2 months only.


 Work Visa for Indians


Dubai Work Visa for Indians will allow you to visit Dubai. Upon arrival in Dubai a series of medical tests will be conducted to verify your health or abilities. Since the work permit is only valid for 2 months, you need to apply for Emirates and Labor card within 2 months only.


 Dubai Work Residency Permit


Upon arrival in Dubai, you will be granted a Dubai Work Residency Permit upon successful completion of your test and post after receiving your Emirates ID and Labor Card. This will ensure that you officially become a part of Dubai’s workforce.


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