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What kind of jobs that are available in South Africa?


The different kinds of jobs that are available in South Africa. This doesn’t represent an exhaustive list but rather a general overview.


Mining. This may be the job with the most potential for those looking to earn both money and adventure. For those with an interest in becoming miners, the opportunity exists to work in a mine from childhood or adulthood where one can learn the trade while gaining a rewarding experience.

Those interested in starting out with mining in sub-Saharan Africa should do so as soon as they have acquired the appropriate training by attending courses at a technical college.


How to find High Quality Jobs in Africa?


Jobs in Africa.


Those who want to move on to a higher paying position will normally need more education, experience and certification.


Tourism and Hospitality. Those looking for a slightly more challenging career but still offering great benefits can opt for jobs in tourism and hospitality.

Many tourists visit Africa each year and like to spend their money on various activities like sightseeing and eating at appropriately themed establishments.


For the hospitality industry, one might find employment opportunities in hotels, restaurants, bars, campsites, golf courses, spas, tourist accommodation and so on. The possibilities seem to be almost endless.

Tourism and mineral harvesting. Those interested in mining may also have a chance to have a job mining minerals like gold, titanium, silver and lithium.


Education and Healthcare.


Those interested in this can get entry into a company which deals in mining and manufacturing various minerals for export around the world.

This kind of job is generally found in developing countries like Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea and Liberia.

Education and Healthcare. Those who are passionate about educating young minds and keeping them healthy can always turn to education and healthcare sectors.

One can look forward to a long career in this field as there is a constant need for doctors, nurses, nutritionists, etc.

What kind of jobs are there in Africa? Agriculture. Those with a green thumb can make a living growing fruits and vegetables in African countries.


Multinational Companies’ Mining


People can either self-operate or hire an employee hired through a local agency. These jobs can range from small family farms to large estates owned by large companies.

Mining. Again, those with a natural bent for it can make a living out of prospecting for precious metals like gold, silver and iron. Others work in multinational companies which mine in different countries around the world.

What kind of jobs are there in Africa? Technological advancement has made possible an almost limitless growth in many sectors.

These include Information Technology (IT) jobs like designing and developing websites; setting up data bases and electronic databases; providing computer software development; programming; and other IT-related jobs.

Those inclined towards a more physical career can work as an architect, engineer, construction worker, telecommunication technician, etc. Menial occupations like masons, carpenters and others occupy land and are vulnerable to strikes or other lay offs.


Career Opportunities in Africa.


Career Opportunities in Africa.
Career Opportunities in Africa.


So those looking to earn a decent salary or looking for ways to advance their careers can do so in Africa, too.


One example is street construction. In many South African cities, especially ones like Cape Town, construction companies have sprung up to provide housing for the growing population.

These are companies specializing in building roads, buildings and bridges. A contractor working on a residential project may be recruited to do a whole range of residential projects like installing pipes and wires.

Others may specialize in building camps for newly arrived immigrants. There are even houses built for people who want to relocate to Africa but can’t find a place there yet.

What kind of jobs are there in Africa? The answer is not simple, but the answer is no.

Financial services and banking Jobs South Africa

There are numerous possibilities, but only one path is open to most: the high-end market work, like marketing, engineering, telecommunications, management, sales, financial services and banking. Even in such professions, however, certain basic qualifications are required.


Usually, before taking up such a banking job, a college degree is a minimum requirement. Even if you’ve trained for years on a trade like plumbing or carpentry, you’ll need a master’s degree to break into the higher rung of the African market.


What kind of jobs are there in South Africa? Many people look to Africa as a place where they can make lots of money, but this is rarely the case.

It’s a popular myth that South Africa offers easy work, but in fact it offers hard work.


You won’t find any landforms here so you won’t be able to live out your life like you would in, say, America or the UK. If you are looking for an opportunity to travel and have fun, Africa might be a great choice, but if you’re looking to build a career, especially if you want to do something with a global impact, you should consider working elsewhere.

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