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 Newest Crystal cruise ship


Crystal cruise ship
Crystal cruise ship


What is the newest Crystal cruise ship 2022  the collapse of parent company Genting Group, luxury cruise, expedition and river operator Crystal Cruises has announced that it will cease sailing on a temporary basis while its executive team examines options for continuing its operations, according to Cruise Critic. Report.


The line became the first cruise operator to face significant financial and operational difficulties in 2022, and for the first time since the collapse of several lines in spring and summer 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic severely restricted worldwide restrictions. is travel.


What happens when a cruise line goes bankrupt? It’s a scenario that Cruise Critic has explored extensively — and one that offers some hope for travelers who have booked with Crystal Cruises in terms of recovering their money.


Crystal cruise ship 2022
Crystal cruise ship 2022


Crystal Cruises Bankrupt


Technically, Crystal Cruises’ parent company, the Malaysia-based Genting Group, is insolvent. However, this affects Crystal dramatically, as Line is a subsidiary of Genting and, as such, is also out of money.


Coupled with a global pandemic that is still affecting the financial health of the travel and cruise sectors, Genting Group’s economic situation hastily turned volatile.


Crystal Cruises no longer sailing


Crystal announced Wednesday that three of its ships currently in operation – Crystal Symphony, Crystal Serenity and the line’s new expedition vessel, Crystal Endeavor – will cease operations. Passengers will disembark and be deported from Miami, Aruba and Ushuaia, Argentina.


However, Crystal is only temporarily halting its operations in the spring — at least for now. Ocean cruises have been canceled until April 29, 2022.


All three cruise ships will be placed at the end of their current cruises. Crystal says the line is still in the process of drawing up precise plans for its ships.

Therefore, while itineraries are available beyond April 29, 2022, the company’s future is not guaranteed at this point, unless an investor was there to save financially down the line.


For now, Crystal has announced that it will halt its European river cruises until the end of May 2022. It’s possible that an investment company — or even another river or ocean cruise operator — could acquire Crystal’s river assets and operate them as scheduled.


I have a future cruise booked with Crystal


Crystal says that passengers with booked cruises that paid cash (not future cruise credits) will automatically be offered a refund as the original form of payment.


However, if that cruise was booked with a future cruise credit, that credit will be returned to the guest’s Crystal Society account.


I have a future cruise credit with Crystal


Right now, there is no clear way to convert an FCC refund from a Crystal Society account. Those with the FCC should call Crystal or work with their preferred travel agent to discuss options. Be warned, in this news customer service reps will be handling a large number of calls, leading to longer wait times.


Cruise Critics is also looking into this scenario and will update this article as we have more information.


Will any other cruise line buy Crystal or its ships


An increasingly plausible scenario is that another cruise line or investment firm swoops in and buys Crystal Cruises outright or invests the capital needed to keep the line afloat.


Two outcomes are possible under this scenario: A company buys Crystal and chooses to keep its operations and assets intact, and business continues as usual.


In another, more disruptive outcome, a company buys Crystal and pulls it out, selling assets it doesn’t see as important to the business. The line’s river cruise ships were rumored to be up for sale in 2021; Now, in the short term it is certainly possible to sell sea vessels, river ships or both.

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