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Looking for career in colors Who does not like the world of colours, most of the people wish that life be full of beautiful colours, Holi is such a festival in India.


Which not only fills our lives with colors, but we get full opportunity to play with colors at this time when the fun of Holi is at its peak,

there is a riot of colors and colors but this time it gives us such information that the love and happiness we are spreading around us in the form of colors is really like poison. Of course we make life beautiful but since last many years we have been hearing that many chemical elements available in the market can taint the beauty of our happiness and festivals.

There is something special in these colors


We like colors, everyone also wants to play with these colors. And when Holiper gets this opportunity, does these chemical-rich colors try to take us away from these beautiful moments, then should we stop making the festival of colors out of this fear, this is the reason that for the last many years, the pledge herbal on Holi The demand for colors is increasing in the number of people who naturalize the nature but it will be said ironically that despite being an important part in the festival festivals of the country, we are not behind in regularizing such colors which will make the whole environment new only healthy for development. Rather we need 100% of these natural and herbal colors from the perspective of healthy India also.


the way of the future for career in colors


Today’s bright young generation, who breathe life into festive festivals, would also know this fact, but how many would have thought of meeting such demands of the society or market, only on Holi you see that this is a huge market of colors. Which is probably two-three months ago, second of second of second second, second of second house will be row in the form of small scale industry. It is said that the youth in the country has come to know that there is no shortage of ideas in the country and then come forward with a thought and a little research,


then by changing the fear of chemical colors found in the market to the belief of herbal colors. Benefits can be obtained For many people it can be a matter of time employment. If you want, you can also adopt it as Patan Caravan. In the name of every pottery, there is a lot of adulteration in the fight, just you have to hit on this weak side at a time when there is a demand for herbal.


what are the sources


Do you know that the vegetables, fruits, peels, seeds, which are thrown in whole from the kitchen of the house, in fact, those elements are hidden from which good natural colors can be prepared, for worship rituals etc. After this, the colors mixed with chemicals can be removed forever by the stream of runes hidden in the flower leaves going here and there.


AC natural things will have to be used for good works and if the business of herbal colors becomes a fragrant option, then it is a good thing that pomegranate amla kundar sandalwood carrot onion peel turmeric sandalwood happy mehndi jamun flowers like marigold etc. There are many things which are natural. Source of colors Similarly, black grapes produce natural color and pomegranate peels can produce red color. Pure herbal colors are a bit expensive as compared to other adulterated chemical dyes.



“There is scope for youth to explore career prospects in this business of colors as a small scale industry.”

Future in Food and Beverage Service



Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage


Hotel Industry is ready to provide hospitality to every individual.


Future in Food and Beverage Service One who either wants to acquire facilities according to his status. Or is looking for his career for the qualities of welcoming hospitality if he wants to go to the world where modernity is all fair on one side. And career heights on the other.


So what is the delay, take a course in hotel management and read the options, on the campaign of hospitality where there is marriage, there is also an opportunity to go to a new place and there is also a platform to know people of different civilizations. Hotel management, which is called the basic desire of the hospital industry,


provides employment opportunities for professionals as well as housing for a secure future, the flower and beverage service department of the same industry has the same assurance that it is full of opportunities.

What does the Food and Beverage Service Department do?

The Food and Service Department takes care of the needs of the guests. This manager works to deliver the guest’s favorite dishes or bridge drink items to the guest’s table. He reads the body language of the guest while walking from the table. And the countries directors follow the instructions even before he is told.


A Food and Beverage graduate can choose from Room Service Bar Facility Restaurant Cafe, Night Club. After starting as a trainee in management, assistant managers are made.
Eligibility For admission in these courses, it is necessary to have 12th or graduation from any recognized board or university. English as a compulsory subject in 12th should be big, to be successful in this industry, it is necessary to have some personal qualities, such as having an attractive personality,


being friendly, there is so much trouble, getting wrinkled on the face, being comfortable on time If you know how to do it, it is even better if you have knowledge of English and Hindi.

Manager is expected. To think in a unique way and help earn maximum income, if successful in this objective, Food and Beverage Manager Regional Manager and Jio Xiao Xiao Xiao have to work here for 11 to 12 hours a day before moving forward.


Still the starting salary is not very good as compared to other service center. There is also a positive aspect that the wage rate starting only with the waiter becomes a manager by the age of 25 and 20 to 25 people work under him, after working for 2 to 3 years there can be opportunities in foreign countries also. Huh.


Those working in the Food and Beverage Service Department get experience of running Entrepreneur Chitra Restaurants or other departments as the manager is responsible for the entire department.

Career in Market Research


Market Research
Market Research


Career in Market Research 2022 If you have analytical ability, confidence, time management, time management, economic, business and art, then this picture is a great opportunity for you to make a career.

Market Research


Market research is a type of marketing technique in which important information about the product is obtained through survey analysis and interaction with consumers. The company also takes into account that who will be the consumer category of its product, like women, men or children, if a company wants to bring soap in the market, then the company analyzes the market whether it should be a face shop or a body shop, all the information related to the market and consumers, about the likes and dislikes of consumers. The information is collected only after that the product is launched in the market.

Market Research Functions


Under market research, in order to bring a product or service to the market, first of all, it is necessary to collect detailed data or data from which market research is done. Not only work on new products and services, but also work on market strategies, it uses numerical methods to design data gathered from conceptual opinion.

Market research collects data on the basis of the price and sales of that product in the market and analyzes it, for which they have to prepare report graphics like table charts etc. so that it can be explained through the presentation of the product. Keeps track of which areas are in high demand for the product and what are the speakers’ expectations for the product.

 Major Areas of Market Research


Market research includes three main areas, which are as follows, research fieldwork and data analysis Research The work of this department is to find out the problems related to the market and collect data, as well as find out how many people use the product, the work of making research reports and proposals is also similar. The subject comes under the department, under field work, through phonemail or door-to-door market survey is done.

teacher qualification

If you have the ability to analyze numbers, the ability to work under pressure, the confidence to talk to the client, the patience to talk to the client, the girl management, economic and art, then the doors are open for you in the field, teaching qualification is necessary to make a career in the field of market research.

Product Designing Make Your mark


Product Designing
Product Designing


Product Designing Make Your mark, Product Designing is an advanced branch of engineering, in which product designers create technical products with their imagination, creative aesthetic and technical knowledge.


Children’s toys, youth’s smartphones, from the electronic kitchen of the kitchen to the stylish M Smartfeatures of the drawing room,


there is a growing example of technology, whether it is a gadget, a designer watch or a home appliance, in such a situation many times you must have wondered. Who are their creators who design them, this is the work of product designers who make technical products due to their imaginative power and ethics, in fact,


the advanced branch of engineering is product designing, in which the trend of youth is being seen these days Nature of Work Product Designer Manufacturing Pharma Articles Design Product Materials Before designing any thing, it takes full care of its visual appeal and practical use.


A product designer may have to design anything like Carfom Computer Medical Acumen of Asia Toys etc. These are market research and production. In addition to interacting with the manager, you have to work with the graphic designer, you also need to have the skill product designer with the artist If you have out-of-the-box designs, you should have a distinct identity and understanding of product and marketing.


Qualification & Course


If you have a degree in engineering, then you can do a master’s in industrial designing from IIT, this will lead to good career growth, that thing can not come in the field of product designing by doing a course in industrial design from National Institute of Design of ITI, who have done 12th from science stream. Yes, for this, you have to pass J’s exam, you can also do in Product Designer and Furniture Design, you can start as a Product Digital Designer etc. in the Design Department of Manufacturing Farm.

the challenge

Designing a technical product is not an easy task because you have to remember that you are not designing for yourself, you do this work for your clients i.e. buyers, as well as to achieve success in this field it is necessary that Offer you something special and exciting



Product Designing Engineering is a fast growing branch of popularity. The demand of the youth tested in this picture is increasing rapidly. Starting salary can be from 6 to ₹ 800000 per annum, after 6 years of experience can get up to 200000 rupees as well as experience Your salary will keep increasing, there is a lot of demand for Indian designers in foreign countries as well.

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