Story of husband and wife


Story of husband and wife Radhika and Naveen got the divorce papers these days. each of them left the court along.

The families of each were with them and therefore the marks of conclusion and peace were clearly visible on their faces.

Once a protracted battle of 4 years, the choice was taken these days.
It had been 10 years since their wedding, however they were ready to live along for less than six years.
It took four years within the divorce proceedings.

Radhika had an inventory of dower things in her hand that was nonetheless to be taken from Naveen’s house and Naveen had an inventory of ornaments to be taken from Radhika.



at the side of this there was conjointly the order of the court that Naveen pays a payment quantity of 10 large integer rupees to Radhika.

each Radhika and Naveen reached Naveen’s house sitting within the same tempo. Radhika had to mark the things given in dower.
thus once four years she was getting to her in-laws’ house. The last time the bus was ne’er to return there at the moment.

All the relations had gone to their individual homes. solely 3 beings were left. Naveen, Radhika and Radhika’s mother.

Naveen lived alone within the house. oldsters and brothers still board the village.


the sole son of Radhika and Naveen, United Nations agency is simply seven years recent, consistent with the court’s call, he can stay with Radhika until he attains majority. Naveen will meet him once in a very month.

The recent reminiscences got invigorated as shortly because the surroundings within the house. Radhika had adorned it with most toil. His life was in one issue. Everything was in-built front of his eyes. He saw the completion of homes being engineered slowly from brick by brick.

it had been his dream home. With most dedication, Naveen had consummated his dream.
Naveen unfold wearily on the seat. aforementioned “Take no matter you would like, i’ll not stop you”
Radhika currently checked out Naveen intently. what quantity has modified in four years. The hair is commencing to flip white. The body is already 0.5 left. inside four years, the radiance of the face disappeared.


She proceeded towards the shop area wherever most of her dower was lying. the products were of recent fashion, so that they were thrown within the store area like junk. what quantity dower did he get? it had been love wedding of each. The relations were along in compulsion.
it had been a love wedding, then solely somebody was detected. as a result of everybody desires to check the lovers cut.
Naveen was deluded by drinking only once. He was holding his hand. She simply went direct anger.
Then came the amount of teaching to use. Here Naveen’s relative-in-law and on the opposite hand Radhika’s mother. Nobat reached the court and got single.


Neither Radhika nor Naveen visited fetch.


Radhika’s mother aforementioned “Where is your stuff? it’s not visible here. This inebriate should have oversubscribed it?”

“Shut Up Mom”
Radhika doesn’t apprehend why Naveen doesn’t wish to decision her a inebriate.

Then the products lying within the store area were mixed within the list one by one.
List things were conjointly picked up from the remainder of the rooms.
Radhika solely took her belongings and failed to even bit Naveen’s belongings. Then Radhika hands Naveen a bag filled with jewelry.
Naveen gave the bag back to Radhika. “Keep it, i do not need work can are available your hassle.”

the value of the jewelery wasn’t but fifteen lakhs.
“Why, what number times within the court was your professional shouting ornaments and ornaments?”


“The court case is over within the court, Radhika. There I actually have conjointly been established to be the worst animal and inebriate within the world.”
Hearing this, Radhika’s mother pricked her nose.


Radhika and Naveen
Radhika and Naveen

“No need.
He does not even desire a million.

“Why?” speech communication this, Naveen stood up from the seat.

“Just like that” Radhika turned her face.

“There is such a giant life, however can you narrow it? Take it,,, it’ll work.”

speech communication this Naveen conjointly turned his back and visited another area. maybe there should are one thing in his eyes that conjointly required to be hidden.

Radhika’s mother was busy occupation the automobile driver.

Radhika got an opportunity. She went once Naveen thereto area.

He was crying. creating an odd face. As if attempting to suppress the flood within. Radhika had ne’er seen him cry. Today, for the primary time, i do not apprehend why my heart got some relief.

however failed to get too emotional.

aforementioned in a very straightforward means, “I was thus upset, then why divorced?”

“I did not divorce you”

“You signed too”

“Couldn’t you apologize?”

“When did your relations offer you an opportunity. Whenever you referred to as, disconnected.”

“could have fall into place too”?

“Didn’t you dare?”

Radhika’s mother has return. She took him by the hand and took him outside. “Why ar you staring at it now? currently the connection is over”


The mother-daughter Sat outside on the seat within the gallery and waited for the automobile.
one thing was breaking within Radhika too. My heart was taking place. She was obtaining numb. She looked intently at the seat on that she was sitting. however did he save that seat and Naveen bought that seat. white-haired this after I walked round the town.”


Then his eyes visited the dried basil plant ahead of him. what quantity care did you take? Tulsi conjointly left home together with her.


once the panic enlarged, she got up once more and went within. Mother referred to as from behind however she neglected it. Naveen was lying face down on the bed. Once he took pity on her. however she knew that everything was over currently thus she did not have to induce emotional.

He checked out the area with a casual look. the full area is busy. Somewhere, spider webs ar supporting.

what quantity did he hate spider webs?


Then she looked around at the photos during which she was smiling and fondling Naveen.
What a golden day those were.

simply then mother came once more. Holding her hand once more took him out.

The automotive had come back outside. bags was being place within the automotive. Radhika was sitting listening. Naveen came out once hearing the sound of the automotive.
Suddenly, holding the ear, Naveen Sabbatum down on his knees.
Said-” do not go, forgive me”
maybe these were the words I had been craving to listen to for four years. All the dams of patience were broken right away. Radhika took out the paper of the court’s call and torus it.


And even before the mother might say something, she clings to Naveen. Together, each of them were crying badly.
Radhika’s mother, standing far-off, understood that
judicial writ is nothing over paper before of hearts.
would like I had allow them to meet earlier?

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