which jobs in Dubai for Indian 12th pass – 2022 Which profession is better for an out-of-graduate student?

Which occupation is more likely to bring in the big bucks for you? The answer might surprise you. All three of them are likely to earn you a handsome salary.

Best Job for 12th pass in Dubai? Electrician or Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer Job
Electrical Engineer Job

Electrician or Electrical Engineer: Just two words and one number make this the perfect choice for anyone wanting to work in Dubai.

These are the only two vocations that make the cut as the ideal job for a foreigner (non Emirates resident) on Dubai holiday.

A qualified electrician is likely to be in charge of installing and maintaining commercial electrical equipment in buildings used for public works, businesses, schools, malls, offices, hospitals and many more places.

In order to become an effective electrician, you should be well versed with technical and practical matters concerning electricity.

You must also have a firm grasp on building and construction related regulations and codes.

Work as a Mason or Carpenter.

Mason or Carpenter: Like electrician, a Mason is likely to run various electrical machines within the establishment. Working as an electrical engineer or an electrician might require that you have some specific qualifications.

For example, a Mason would need to have at least a diploma from a recognized institution (such as an Engineering College or diploma course).

A qualified Mason would also require a permit (usually obtained from the relevant Ministry of Planning and Development).

However, contrary to popular belief, becoming an electrician is not solely based on one career. For instance, being an assistant plumber (or an apprentice plumber) is often times more lucrative than being an electrician.

Are You Interested in Plumbing?

best for 12th pass in Dubai Plumber job
Plumber job

Plumber job : This is another occupation that is expected to see you through the local year, provided that you do not fall sick during the process.

Plumbing is a hugely important industry due to the growing needs for safe and hygienic water systems throughout the globe. As such, being a plumber is very rewarding.

In addition, being a plumber can also lead to opportunities with Dubai’s famous commercial establishments like restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and even hotels and medical establishments.

Being an electrical engineer may be seen as a somewhat “entry level” job.

However, in reality, it is often very lucrative, and can provide a person the stepping stone towards other career opportunities such as an accountant, lawyer, architect or doctor.

How about Roofing?

How about Roofing: Like plumbing, roofing is another important industry which has become quite popular in Dubai. However, being an electrical engineer or an electrician is usually seen as a more stable option.

In fact, many electrical engineers will opt for a career in roofing after graduating. With that said, being an electrical engineer or an electrician can lead to a number of different job openings in Dubai.

For instance, one could pursue jobs as an assistant to a roofing contractor or being employed by a government agency which deals with electrical installations and maintenance of public buildings, such as schools or hospitals.

Being a Plumber

Being a Plumber best for 12th pass in Dubai

Being a Plumber: While not technically an engineer (although many plumbers do have engineering degrees), being a plumber can actually lead to a number of different job opportunities.

A typical plumber will either be employed by a construction company, building maintenance company, building surveyor or even a property developer.

If someone is really ambitious, they could even become the chief plumber for an organization in Dubai.

Although this will require more education than the jobs mentioned earlier, it can be said that plumbing is definitely a worthwhile profession in Dubai.

Which job is best for 12th pass in Dubai?

To answer this question completely, it would probably be a smart decision to seek out a job as an electrical engineer or a plumber. After all, both of these professionals are highly qualified to take on any number of challenging jobs in Dubai.

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