The best paid jobs in Germany for the Junior Doctors or those who are just graduating from Medical School is the Junior Consultant or Senior Doctor position in one of the many hospitals.


This is the ideal role for those who have had some medical training and graduated from a reputable medical school for a rewarding senior career.

There are several senior consultant positions available in Germany and here are some examples of them: regional sales manager for capital goods, senior doctor or consultant, surgeon or senior surgeon, senior consultant / regional sales manager for capital goods, consultant physician, surgeon or senior consultant.

You can also choose to work as a consultant for one of the many private hospitals in Germany.

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For those who have completed their medical training in Germany and wish to take up one of the highest salaries in the country, then the best suited job is to become a regional sales manager for capital goods.

You will need to spend some time in hospital administration and see if the region has the required licensing to sell capital goods such as machinery and equipment.

Best Paid Jobs In Germany

If your company is not registered with the regional sales office, then it may be difficult for you to sell capital goods. You can earn more by setting up your own company and setting up a showroom to sell these products.

Selling capital goods is one of the highest paying jobs in Germany and the starting salaries are quite high.

Dentists in Germany are one of the best-paid professions in the country. Dentistry in germany is a rapidly growing profession and there is plenty of scope to earn a very good salary.

Best-paid professions in Europe.

Dentistry in Germany is one of the best-paid professions in Europe, according to the latest data. Dentistry in Germany is expected to grow at a faster rate in the next five years.

A qualified dentist can earn as much as 80 % more than the average wage of a German citizen.

Another one of the highest-paid professions in Germany is sales and marketing management.

Marketing and sales management positions in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries in Germany demand an excellent knowledge of the product or service they are selling.

Sales managers must be able to keep track of all the details involved in sales, and have to have strong negotiation and communication skills.

Income is around EUR 900 per month.

Sales managers also need to be ambitious and creative to stay ahead of their competitors. There are many multinational companies that base their recruitment on sales management graduates.

According to one research study, the median German annual income is around EUR 890 per month. This is quite a high salary and it is further enhanced if you are an expert in the particular field in which you are working.

Income is around EUR 900 per month.

Many doctors, engineers and financial analysts earn high salaries. The best-paid jobs in Germany in terms of annual income are found in the pharmaceutical, financial and chemical sectors.

Financial services, banking and insurance, as well as retailing are some of the best-paid sectors in Germany. The salaries in these sectors differ according to location and classification.

The banking industry has some of the highest-paid professionals in Germany. Accountants, treasurers, bankers and brokers earn the most amount of money in this sector.

Defense, military and public safety services.

On the other hand, the worst paid professions in Germany are those in the defense, military and public safety services.

In addition, there are some other high-paying positions such as that of state prosecutor, head of state security and director of the national railway company.

Defense, military and public safety services.

The next best paid jobs in Germany are found in the financial, postal and communications as well as utility sectors. These positions also vary according to location and classification.

For instance, general managers earn more than the Gross Salary Per Year in the health care and social assistance category.

Postal and communications industry.

As for the salaries in the postal and communications industry, it is easy to find good-paying posts as the market for post is huge and competitive.

The last best-paid profession in Germany that can be easily tracked down online is the physician and surgeon. Physicians earn more than the Euros per hour in a typical office setting.

Surgeons earn more than the Euros per hour in a typical hospital setting.

If you are a qualified physician or surgeon resident currently working in Germany, then you can easily search for the best-paid careers in Germany that are guaranteed to earn you Euros.

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