Are you searching for Get High Salary Driving Job in Dubai? Dubai has one of the fastest growing economies in the World and drivers in the city.

You can find jobs in Dubai in many sectors such as transport, commercial, hospitality, and tourism. Heavy and Light Truck Drivers is in high demand in Dubai.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of vehicles on the road leading to an increase in the accidents related to vehicles.

How to Get Heavy & Light Driver jobs in Dubai?

The average salary for Light or Heavy Driver jobs in Dubai is more than 4000 AED or higher and some drivers even make up to 6500 AED monthly.

The basic salary for a Light driver is above the national average but not enough to live decently. A Light driver is required to undergo a rigorous training program before he is hired by an employer.

Dubai Driving Jobs

There are also special Light driver jobs available in Dubai for those who have passed all the requirements for the job.

If you are willing to earn more money then you can check out for the new driver jobs in Dubai too. The qualifications for these new driver jobs in Dubai include driving experience, passing the driving exam, and having an active driving license in the country.

These jobs are also meant for students who have completed their driving school and want to earn decent money.

Apart from the regular job openings there are many business opportunities in Dubai which provide lucrative income and attractive lifestyle.

How to find driving Jobs in Dubai?

There are various business centers in Dubai like Madinat Jumeirah Beach, Business Bay, Emirates Towers, etc. where you can start your own business with any field you choose.

These business opportunities include property, IT, telecommunications, oil & gas, automotive, construction, tourism, finance and banking, hospitality, and much more.

If you are a professional house driver in Dubai, then you can enjoy a good salary. A good salary driver job in Dubai includes an opportunity to earn decent money on an hourly basis.

You can select any of the house driving jobs in Dubai according to your preference. You can work as a driver for the hotel, car rental companies, private cars for tourist hire, delivery services, etc.

There are many qualified professionals in Dubai looking for suitable jobs. You can apply for jobs in Dubai with any of the leading recruiting agencies online.

Dubai and UAE based Driver job vacancies

These agencies specialize in finding suitable professionals for jobs in various fields like technical support, administrative support, customer care, secretarial support, medical support, and much more.

For making better career prospects, it is important to apply for no careers Dubai and UAE based job vacancies.

Dubai and UAE based Driver job vacancies

Many international companies are expanding their business base in Dubai. Many multinational companies prefer to hire skilled professionals from third world countries such as India, Philippines, China, etc.

Therefore, skilled drivers in the form of H2 drivers, van drivers, and other professionals can enjoy a high-paying salary in Dubai.

All about Minimum qualification, Recruitment Agencies & Required Documents

According to experts, the best time to migrate to Dubai is between the months of December to March. Between these months, the salary offered by companies offering driving jobs in Dubai increases considerably.

To apply for the most sought after driving jobs in Dubai, a candidate must have all the required documents.

Most of the recruitment agencies in Dubai require the candidate to have the minimum qualification like driving license, valid passport, Pass Plus or visa, active residential visa, the pass degree, diploma from a recognized educational institution, and last but not the least good driving skills.

All the documents mentioned above must be provided by a person who has successfully finished the driving course and is eligible for a driver’s license in the country.

The basic requirements of a driver include having a clean driving record with no accidents or traffic fines for the past three years, no moving violations for the past three years, no previous involvement in a road traffic accident of more than three years, and no involvement in any type of accident that caused the death of a passenger in which the insured party was involved.

An applicant must prove that he/she is above 18 years of age, possesses a clean driving record, possesses a valid passport, and has a high school diploma.

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